Dads: A new role, or how it used to be before the industrial revolution?

Do you like that title? I do. I literally just thought it up this second. I wish I actually had some factual evidence to support that statement. I promise you I will look into it (or at least Google it), because I have a feeling that men have done a fair bit of fathering over the ages (and by that I don't mean just helping to "create" the kids), until fairly recently in human history.

Here are a few posts I've done in the past on parenting:
To tell you the truth, this page of the blog is still UNDER CONSTRUCTION as I collate my list of parenting links and other funny things I find about the weird, joyous and stressful world of being a parent. But I couldn't help but put something in as a placeholder. Like this cartoon, for instance:

What women want. How should I know, I'm a man.

It dawned on me, only recently actually (so based on my slowness you may not want to bother continuing to read on...) that my wife (woman) and I (man) really did think very differently. That's despite being together for 19 years.

It came about when I innocently asked the question, "If I cheated on you, would you blame yourself, at least a little bit?"

Wow, was I not prepared for the offence I had caused. My wife was 100% adamant that if I cheated on her I was 100% to blame. Whereas me, my argument (which I was able to get out 2 days later when she began talking to me again) was that if she cheated on me I would feel partly to blame. "Did I do something wrong to push her away? Did I not show enough affection, etc, etc, etc?"

What I did learn, was to keep my hypotheticals to myself, or at least restrict them to my mates whilst drinking beer.

So anyway, along with learning how to play the didgeridoo, I've taken on the task of learning more about the differences between men and women, and how communicating those differences can alleviate misunderstandings and improve relationships. That's the theory ... anyway.

My future blog posts will no doubt delve into these differences and I'll include a list of links here. For now, you may be interested in a few past posts I've done which touch on the topics:

Stay tuned for more wisdom. As you can tell, this is the clearly the place to be if you want to improve your parenting, and keep your marriage humming.

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