Thursday, August 28, 2014

Potential: Still unrealised

I often look through my old cartoons to see what I can use in my blog. Today I found a few (more) ideas surrounding what seems to be the topic of my main lament: unrealised potential.

In fact, this was the topic of my second ever blog. You can go and read it here. Or not. But there's a good reason to go back and check out that link:

  • It has two of my favourite cartoons in that post. I especially love the little egg (you'll know what I'm talking about if you click on the link).

And you know what? I've just read the post again. I think I've moved on in the two and a half years since I wrote it. Sure, some of it's still applicable, but mostly I just like the piece now for the cartoons.

Anyway, besides the image at the start of this post, I also found these images (below). Enjoy. And if you put them on a t-shirt, as I intended to do - let me know! I'll even send you a higher resolution image if you like.