About me

I'm a dad of two boys, and for about 5 years now I've been working part-time and writing part-time. In the last year my wife has gone back to full-time work, and I've begun working exclusively from home - so I now do a lot of what I like to call "house husbandry". In particular, I spend a lot more time at home with the kids.

Over the last 20 years I've dabbled in cartooning, screenwriting/film, written and illustrated greeting cards, been an accountant, published my first children's book (ages 7-12) and by the time you read this hopefully the second one will be out! 

I also have a particular interest in parenting, particularly from a Dad's perspective and with regard to an area called "emotional intelligence" - an area I suppose I became interested in because, growing up and even into my 30's, I didn't feel I had very much of it! 

So this blog is the place where I'm going to put some of the above "Stuff" (though there probably won't be a lot of accounting related information). I'll keep it light, but I hope Dad's get something out of it - Mum's too since, let's face it, men and women sometimes seem like a totally different species and maybe, just maybe you'll get to understand your man better ... okay, that's unlikely.

I'm putting some of my old work here, partly because I hate having things that I've done stuck in drawers gathering dust. I also want my kids to get a better idea of who their Dad is/was.

It's also a continuation of a journey into a whole lot of other Stuff that I've been trying to figure out. Hopefully I'll learn something along the way ... like Fido here ...

My biggest interests, aside from Stuff, are film (Zoolander), books for younger children (Roald Dahl), and music (there's so many). 

I hope you get something out of my Journey into Stuff. Feel free to contact me.

Contact: hairbrainmedia@gmail.com