Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Meaning of Stuff

Welcome to my first blog. 'Stuff' is a great word. It's so general. It can mean anything.

"Where'd you put my stuff?"
"What stuff?"
"You know, my stuff?"
"I didn't touch your stuff! Why would I want your stuff?  Your stuff sucks."
"No, your stuff sucks!"

So does anybody know what these two people are actually talking about? No...? Come on, of course you do - they're talking about stuff. And like the conversation above, I hope you get just as much knowledge and insight from this blog - my Journey into Stuff.

It's a collection of stuff from my past and the present, as I attempt to make some sense out of, well - please don't say it again... stuff.

I've tried a lot of creative pursuits. I think it's been my way of trying to figure out stuff. The first thing I tried was cartooning. And since it was where I started - way back in the early 90's when Grunge AND Jeff Buckley ruled (a testament to how good Jeff Buckley was) - I think it's a good way of starting out here too.

These are some of my early cartoons.  Many were self-published on a now defunct website I called "Elephant Tales" - predominantly focusing on a quirky elephant named Eric (any emotional likeness to me is purely coincidental - and besides - it was a long time ago). I'll try and put at least one of these old cartoons up with each blog.

The first "Eric" I drew properly:

Another early cartoon.  This was one of my favorites.  I had it made into a t-shirt in the days when you actually had to go to a screen-printer to get it done.

I always felt like the black sheep, especially in my late teens/early 20's - ditching an accounting job to draw...

... and attempt to play music.

I still play (very poorly), and still harbor ambitions of writing at least one song that I actually like. I once wrote a song called Soul Destroyer - it was about somebody I used to work with. It was a hard rock style of song, but not very good. I tried several variations - one being acoustic - it still wasn't very good, but somehow it was sort of funny.

Until next time ...

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