Friday, April 20, 2012

Mickey: Protected species?

Recently my family and I went to Hong Kong Disneyland. It was a magical place of unreality - not a bad thing for a couple days. We stayed at the Hollywood Hotel, a Disney Hotel located within the Disney precinct.

For those first two days when we didn't step out of the "Disney Universe" we had no inkling that we were in Hong Kong - except perhaps the humidity - but then again, we could have been anywhere nearing the equator.

Everything we saw and heard was Disney related and, of course, the chief image was of Mickey Mouse. It wasn't really even Mickey per se - it was that iconic shape of his head and two ears. Everywhere we went we saw the big circle with the two smaller circles.

The train windows and hand holds were Mickey shaped, the light fittings, the mirrors, the food, even the tomato sauce.


Okay, it was cool at first. It still sort of is. Later on today I'm going to try and make Mickey-shaped pikelets (we had them too).

But Mickey is a big brand and one that is fiercely protected. I found that out when, at a breakfast titled "Breakfast with the Stars", I tried to stick two fingers up behind his head to do the "rabbit ears"(something I am well known for doing - and something my wife loves me for... NOT). 

From above us a SWAT team rappelled down from the ceiling. Luckily I saw them. I dive-rolled out of the way just as they unleashed the firepower from their Uzi 9mm's. I kept running, diving and rolling as the dining area was obliterated. Children were crying, the floor was red with... Mickey-shaped tomato sauce.

Okay, so that wasn't quite what happened. But when I tried the rabbit ears I was told to put them down. Mickey was off limits. I bowed my head in shame (not because I had tried, but because I had failed) and put on a smile for the camera.

I consoled myself by eating a Micket shaped pikelet...

...content with the knowledge that I had already earlier managed to get Goofy.

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