Thursday, November 22, 2012

So you want to be a Lady?

Okay, that title could mean A LOT of things. Including, one of my first and still favourite cartoons:

But today I want to tell you about how you can become an official Lady or Lord without the need to marry into such title, or be nice to the Queen, or provide amazing long-term service to England or whatever ...

It seems there's a few micro-nations out there. You know, tiny little places that have found some sort of loop-hole and have become their own country - at least in their minds, anyway.

There's quite a few really, ranging from the seemingly legitimate (Hutt River)
to the bizarre and fun (Molossia).

Each has their own story and is often worth a read. eg. see Hutt River's wiki:

There's also articles like this top ten list of micro-nations that are quite interesting.

But YOU'RE reading this blog because you want to know about becoming a Lord or Lady. So here's the deal:

Buy a title.

As far as I can tell, only two micro-nations offer titles. I would have liked to be a Lord of Hutt River since, (i) it's the most official/legitimate micro-nation around and, (ii) it's bordered by Western Australia (where I live).

So which Micro-nations do sell titles? From my non-exhaustive search:

I'm going to use the word credibility here (which may not be a very good word), but my personal view is that the Sealand title is more credible. Did I really just say that?


If you feel I've disappointed or mislead you and you don't want to be a Lord or Lady of Sealand, then what about Sith Lord?  There are a few websites on this topic - THIS seems to be the best I've found - I'm not sure if you get an official piece of paper though.

Then there's always Scotland, where you can buy a very small parcel of land AND a title. Though if you're a guy you'll be called a Laird rather than a Lord - which I don't like - it sounds a bit woosey.

And finally, yes, you can actually purchase a legitimate English title. Often, Lords sell their titles because they get into financial troubles.  You'll be paying a pretty penny though. I'm not providing a link because my search revealed quite a minefield of dodgey operators and fictitious titles.

So there you have it. It's not that hard to become a Lord or Lady. On reflection, maybe it's better just to put on a nice dress, slap on some make-up and a pair of high heels; and call yourself a Lady.

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